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Dantone Home is named after a French revolutionary and we revolutionized Russia’s furniture market.

Dantone Home was established amidst a rather difficult time, however, we’ve managed to make a statement and introduce American style interior to every Russian costumer. The company carved out a niche pushing back unreasonably expensive and prim competitors and it continues to steadily follow the path of success, combining quality materials, impeccable taste, and deep understanding of functionality. Russian brand Dantone Home inspired by the ambience of cozy and functional American homes makes no compromise between beauty and comfort.

We are constantly improving our work, creating new interior items in order to create stylish furniture for everyone. We have a wide range of models available in a variety of sizes, fabrics, and colours. We at Dantone Home care about our customers, value their choices, and are ready to help anyone in finding solutions to create exquisite interiors. We evolve everyday, paying attention to detail and aways keeping in mind our five key notions: quality, customer, idea, teamwork, and, of course, the product’s design. Dantone Home is a fresh look at familiar things, with a deep respect for the traditions. Visit our showroom to find eye-catching furniture that reflects the exquisite taste of its owner.

In our flagship showroom in the center of Moscow you can take your time to choose from a wide variety of ergonomic sofas and beds spectacularly decorated with metal studs and capitonnage, incredibly soft chairs charming with understated elegance, wooden cabinets and cupboards that can fill the space with natural harmony, luxurious lighting fixtures, and unique accessories.

Dantone Home furniture is truly fascinating. Experience the pleasure of owning the beauty. It is heartwarming to know that your home is exceptional. And you can achieve that with love and Dantone Home collection pieces.

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